Fluoride Treatment

The aim of fluoride treatments is to help prevent dental decay by strengthening teeth and protecting them from plaque and bacteria. It helps remineralize enamel and stops acid production. 

Fluoride is naturally found in water but can also be medically applied to your teeth in the form of mineralized toothpaste, gel, foam, varnish, and over-the-counter mouth rinses. It can also be taken as liquid or tablet supplements. 

Stronger concentrations of fluoride need a medical prescription and have to be applied by a certified dentist like Dr. Sunistch

What are the different types of fluoride treatments?

Different types of fluoride treatments target various needs. During your consultation, Dr. Sunitsch will recommend an individualized plan with the best option for you.

Fluoride mouth rinses

Dr. Sunitch prescribes fluoride mouth rinses for children aged eight or older, as well as adults. It’s intended to be used twice daily but not during or right after brushing since using both could minimize its benefits. It helps prevent and stop cavities and gum diseases. 

Fluoride varnish

Dr. Sunistch applies fluoride varnish onto all the teeth surfaces. It strengthens the enamel of fragile teeth, like in children or older people. If used twice a year, fluoride varnish can prevent further dental issues that may result in the need for other treatments like fillings or crowns

What are the benefits of fluoride treatment?

Some of the benefits of fluoride dental treatments include: 

  • Prevention of dental decay issues or gum diseases
  • Cavities and tooth loss prevention
  • Teeth enamel strengthening for fragile teeth
  • Teeth staining prevention

When should I get a fluoride treatment?

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends applying or using a fluoride treatment prescribed by your dentist at least two times a year to protect teeth from acid and cavities. 

Who is an ideal candidate for fluoride treatment?

A fluoride treatment, such as those found in varnish, gel, or mouth rinse is recommended for children and adults who want to protect their teeth from further dental decay. Fluoride restores teeth minerals that could’ve been removed due to bacteria.

Fluoride For Children

If children start being exposed to fluoride at an early age, the chances of developing cavities and dental decay diminish significantly. 

What are the risks of fluoride treatment?

Although fluoride is a mineral naturally found in water and food, applying too much of it may cause some issues such as: 

  • White specks on teeth surfaces
  • Teeth staining
  • Nausea

Visiting your dentist for a specific consultation and a professional fluoride prescription is critical for optimal results. 

Fluoride Treatment in Sisters, Oregon

Pine Desert Dental offers fluoride treatment to adults and children to help patients maintain optimal oral health and prevent decay. Dr. Zach Sunitsch and the Pine Desert Dental team can handle all your dental needs. 

He is an active member of the American Dental Association, the Oregon Dental Association, and the Academy of General Dentistry.. 

If you’d like a dental consultation for a fluoride treatment, call us at (541) 549-01-09 or request an appointment online. You can also visit us at our clinic in Sisters, Oregon.

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